iPad Apps


Below are apps that may be useful for your child when trying to learn new concepts. They are interactive and a fun way to help children remember things they have learnt. The apps should supplement therapy goals and can be used a reward. They should not replace therapy.

The apps are arranged by different therapy goals and vary across ages. This list is by no means exhaustive but provides a sample of apps that we have found useful in therapy. If you would like more specific apps for your child please speak to your therapist.


Phonological awareness

  • Oz Phonics – Reading Introduction, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Reading eggs
  • Teach Your Monster to Read – First Steps
  • Sky Fish Phonics
  • Bugsy Reads
  • Eggy Alphabet
  • Pocket Phonics
  • School Zone: Phonics
  • Stumpy’s alphabet dinner
  • Red Writing (under iPhone apps)
  • Bunny Bus
  • Starfall ABCs
  • Teach Me apps


  • Sky Fish Phonics
  • Bugsy Reads
  • School Zone: Spelling 1-2 (can program own words in)
  • Spellosaur (can program own words in)
  • Oz Phonics – 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Eggy Words (lots of repetition for sight words)
  • Monkey Word
  • Teach Me apps
  • Reading Eggs Spelling (different grades available)
  • Teach my monster to Read

Letter Formation

  • Wet Dry Try
  • Letter School
  • iWriteWords
  • Write My Name
  • ABC Tracer


  • Reading Magic 1
  • Collins Big Cat books

Reward Games

These companies make games that are great with younger children for a reward. A lot of the Lego apps are free as well.

  • Toca Boca apps
  • Thup Monkey apps
  • Lego apps
  • Duck, Duck Moose apps
  • Playschool

Language goals

Following directions

  • Splingo’s Language Universe
  • Fun with Directions
  • More Fun with Directions
  • Preposition Remix
  • Easy Concepts
  • I Can Do: Following Directions
  • Beck and Bo (for preschoolers)


  • Actions with Splingo
  • Pronouns with Splingo
  • Tense Builder
  • iPractice Verbs

Auditory memory

  • Auditory Reasoning
  • Picture the Sentence

Sentence structure/building

  • Expressive builder
  • Sentence builder
  • Sentence builder teen
  • Question builder

Vocabulary building

  • Categories with Splingo
  • Things that go together
  • House of Learning
  • Community Helpers
  • Tiny hands – Sorting 1,2; Match it up 1,2; Families 1,2


  • Sentence builder
  • Sentence builder teen
  • Question builder
  • Punctuation by Day Dream Education
  • Spelling Lift Off 1,2,3

Apraxia of Speech

  • Naed Apraxia
  • Naed Apraxia words
  • Naed apraxia 2 syllables
  • Naed apraxia endings

Speech Sounds

  • Tiga Talk
  • Articulation Station
  • Artik Pix
  • Speech Trainer

Social Skills

  • Social Skills Express
  • What are they thinking? By Fun Deck
  • Inferences by Fun Deck
  • Fact/Opinion by Fun Deck
  • Practicing Pragmatics by Fun Deck
  • Conversation Builder
  • Social Skills Builder
  • Going Places by Model Me Kids (some social stories)


  • My First AAC
  • Avaz
  • RIDBC Auslan Tutor: Key Signs